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SAVCA pro-actively lobbies on behalf of the industry and its members. The association offers its members access to training and education, industry networking events & industry research.

SAVCA 2021 Southern Africa Industry Conference

03 – 04 March 2021 | Sun City (attend in person) & Virtual (via platform)

SAVCA Upcoming Events

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Who Is SAVCA ?

The Southern African Venture Capital and Private Equity Association (SAVCA) is a non-profit industry association, representing 180 members in Southern Africa, who collectively manage R171bn in assets.

SAVCA promotes Southern African private equity by engaging with regulators and legislators on a range of matters affecting the industry; providing relevant and insightful research on aspects of the sector; offering relevant and informative training on private equity; and by creating meaningful networking opportunities for industry players.


The Africa Private Equity (PE) News App offers readers up-to-date, hand-picked African private equity and industry-related news, two unique IRR calculators (basic and advanced), African and global exchange rates on the go, commodities prices and intuitive, user-friendly functionality. Stay up to date by downloading the free Africa PE News App from


SAVCA has endorsed and adopted the new International Private Equity and Venture Capital Valuation Guidelines, formulated by AFIC, BVCA and EVCA and endorsed by a number of other associations worldwide.


If you are looking for private equity or venture capital investment for a business or concept, please refer to the SAVCA membership matrix which provides high-level information on the investment preferences of our members. By reviewing this matrix, you would be able to identify which SAVCA member(s) you could potentially approach.

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