Puttru Webinar – Closing the US$50 Billion per annum investment gap in Africa’s energy sector| 29 October 2020


The Africa region is said to have more than enough energy resources to meet its energy needs, well into the foreseeable future. With most African countries having a target of achieving universal electricity access by 2025 and 2030, the question ‘how can Africa attract private sector investment into the energy sector?’ remains pertinent.

This webinar on ‘Closing the US$50 Billion Per Annum Investment Gap in Africa’s Energy Sector’ will bring key voices influencing the energy sector, both from the government and financial institution side to discuss issues holding the continent back. Furthermore, the speakers will share their experience in trying out the Puttru digital platform and how they see the technology closing the energy sector investment gap in Africa.



Event Starts

10/29/2020 12:00pm

Event Ends

10/29/2020 1:00pm

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Ametrade Marketing Team