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Grovest is the largest administrator of Section 12J Venture Capital Companies (VCCs) in South Africa.

Grovest pioneered the first Section 12J VCC in 2014. Today Grovest is the administrator of over 40 VCCs, and the promoters of 10 of their own VCCs, including break-through VCC's Metta Capital, Mdluli Safari Lodge, and Pepperclub Invest.

Grovest demonstrates a solid VCC track record, with specialist expertise and experience in Section 12J, assisting clients with all aspects of setting up and administering a Section 12J VCC or private equity fund.


Kingson Capital (Kingson) is a Venture Capital firm and a registered Venture Capital Company (VCC) founded in 2015. As a Section 12 J VCC, all investments with Kingson are tax-deductible in the tax year that they are made. This has the effect of both lowering the capital at risk and enhancing future returns for investors.

Kingson invests in entrepreneurs who have unique and scalable business concepts, whose products change the current landscape and existing business models. Backed by Silicon Valley investors, as well as the United States government through a risk-sharing Guarantee Agreement with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID),  Kingson’s strategy to bridge the gap between US investors and African startups, combined with their extensive investor market access opportunities, allows them to successfully identify, accelerate, and realise growth and returns for their investors.

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Knife Capital is a leading venture capital firm with offices in Cape Town and London. By leveraging knowledge, networks and funding, Knife accelerates the international expansion of entrepreneurial businesses that achieved a product/market fit in a beachhead market. They invest via a consortium of funding partnerships, including SARS section 12J Venture Capital Company: KNF Ventures and select family offices. Knife has a proven track record with early stage technology investments in South Africa and facilitated lucrative exits to the likes of General Electric, Visa, Garmin and Uber.


The SA SME Fund is a private sector led initiative to stimulate economic growth by supporting SMEs. The Fund’s shareholders are the largest corporates in South Africa, who have collectively invested R1.4 billion into the Fund. We allocate investment capital to accredited venture capital or growth-oriented equity fund managers –– that invest directly in scalable small and medium enterprises with the best potential for growth and sustainable employment creation in the South African economy.  Through our Fund Managers we can reach a greater network of businesses that enables us to ultimately have a more significant impact on employment and value creation.

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Leading Growth. Igniting Impact.
Edge Growth specialises in growing small businesses, offering end-to-end solutions. Impact is achieved by addressing growth constraints like access to finance, market and skills.
Edge’s main service areas:

  Ventures: Growing businesses through investment
  Access: Corporate ESD strategy, growing value chain SMEs
  Accelerate: Scaling businesses to full potential


Africa Private Equity News is a one-stop mobile resource for private equity and industry-related news from the continent, since 2014. With its multi-functionality, user-friendly design and updated features, it’s the only app you need to get all relevant information and news while working and investing in Africa.

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SANNE has expertise and experience in the administration of all types of strategies, including venture capital. SANNE provides a full range of services including regulatory applications, transaction management, administration, corporate governance and financial reporting. The business utilises the group’s global office network and capabilities spanning the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia-Pacific.

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