Penny Heyns Olympic Gold Medallist / Director

For all people, regardless of race, creed, colour, age or gender, Penny Heyns brings a dynamic, powerful message of hope, inspiration and upliftment which empowers people to take complete control of their lives, realize their untapped potential and fulfil their material and spiritual destiny.

Penny became a household name both locally and internationally after she did what no woman had ever done in Olympic history, by becoming the only female breaststroker to ever win both the 100m and 200m events at the Olympic Games. She did so in Olympic and World record times. In the process, she won South Africa’s first gold medal in any sport in 44 years.

She has not, however, just excelled as a sportswoman in the international arena, having broken a total of 14 individual world records, but has established herself, after her retirement in 2001, as a businesswoman, swimming clinician and a sought after Inspirational speaker. She builds her clinics and presentations on her own experiences with real-life examples applicable to the world of business, sport and life.

She is an exceptional orator and speaks from the heart by sharing her convictions regarding the development of one’s talent so as to maximize your potential and to fulfil your purpose.