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Phatisa new partner announcement – Robert-Jan van Ogtrop


7 JULY 2016

We are pleased to announce that Robert-Jan van Ogtrop has joined the Phatisa Group as Senior Partner.

Robert-Jan is the former CEO of Bols Royal Distilleries and subsequently CEO of Remy Cointreau, prior to becoming an Industrial Partner at CVC Capital Partners. He has since founded the social enterprise ‘Circle Economy’ with the singular aim of accelerating the global transition to sustainable circular economies. In this regard, he is an active investor in a number of companies with the objective of facilitating their transformation into circular operational businesses.

Robert-Jan aims to combine his business experience with activities focused on nature conservation, sustainability and on business development in Africa and Europe, among others as chairman of African Parks, chairman of the TBL Mirror Fund, as founder of the Foundation for Natural Leadership and as non-executive board member of a number of other companies. ‘Looking at my background and experience, Phatisa is a natural fit. I am very excited to start this new journey with such a positive and energised team,’ added Robert-Jan on confirmation of the newly formed partnership.

Valentine Chitalu, Chairman of Phatisa commented, ‘we are privileged to have an individual with such a depth of business experience, culminating in significant operating partner roles in European and African private equity, joining the Phatisa partnership. Robert-Jan will play a pivotal role in guiding our portfolio team and bringing international perspective to our investment decision-making’.

Additional information

Phatisa is a sector-specific African private equity fund manager located in and operating across sub-Saharan Africa. The firm currently has two funds under management, totalling more than US$ 285 million, focused on food and affordable housing. Phatisa comprises a team of over 30 dedicated staff with more than 500 years of collective experience, and a solid track record of managing private equity funds and commercial businesses throughout the continent. We speak 29 languages and represent 12 nationalities.

  • Phatisa’s African Agriculture Fund (AAF) – a US$ 246 million fund – commenced operations in January 2011 and has committed investments in excess of US$ 187 million, from Sierra Leone in West Africa to Mauritius in East Africa. This reflects a total of nine portfolio companies across a diverse range of agri and food related businesses.
  • The Pan African Housing Fund (PAHF) is an Eastern and Southern African investment initiative, launched in response to the ever-increasing housing shortage in this region. The US$ 41.95 million fund commenced operations in early 2013 and the Phatisa property team has successfully concluded six investments to date, located in Kenya, Rwanda and Zambia.

Phatisa’s vision is to be the leading sector-focused development equity fund manager in Africa. This philosophy finds expression in the unique formula of DevEq = PAT * x + i 2 ™; a balanced blend of private equity and development finance, striving to build sustainable assets and communities, while ensuring the best possible returns for investors.

VIDEO: Robert-Jan tells us more about himself, his background, career and personal development on which ‘The Circle Economy’ was founded watch