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SAVCA Board: Call for Nominations – deadline 4 September 2015

Dear SAVCA Member

SAVCA Directors: Call for Nominations

SAVCA Members are requested to submit nominations to the SAVCA Board of Directors, in advance of the SAVCA AGM to be held on Wednesday 7 October 2015.

Directors may be elected by Full Members only, with representation of Full Members within the Board being limited to one representative per Full Member organisation. At the Annual General Meeting, there will be five vacancies on the SAVCA Board of Directors.

The SAVCA Board currently consists of:

Arnold van Wyk Executive: RMB Corvest
Craig Dreyer CFO, Ethos Private Equity
Daniel Hatfield Managing Director: Edge Growth
Dave Stadler (Chairman),CEO: Paean Private Equity
Erika van der Merwe CEO: SAVCA
Gloria Mamba Managing Director: Global Environment Fund**
J-P Fourie Head of Investor Relations: Metier**
Kuhle Kunene Principal: Pan-African Private Equity 1 Fund Managers**
Richard Flett Co-founder and Managing Director: Horizon Equity Partners
Ron den Besten Managing Director- Southern Africa: The Abraaj Group
Siya Nhlumayo (Treasurer), Partner: Medu Capital
Sonja de Bruyn Sebotsa Founder and Principal Partner: Identity Partners**
Stuart Bradley Senior Partner: Phatisa
Warren van der Merwe COO: Vantage Capital Group**


Directors marked ** have indicated their intention to retire from the board.

Gloria Mamba, J-P Fourie, Kuhle Kunene, Sonja de Bruyn Sebotsa and Warren van der Merwe will be resigning from the SAVCA board with effect from 7 October 2015. SAVCA acknowledges with gratitude their contribution to the Association and to the industry.

SAVCA is calling for nominations to fill five vacancies on the board.

SAVCA full-member firms are requested to submit names of nominees for these vacancies.

Candidates must be aware of the following:

  • SAVCA directors serve on a voluntary basis, in the spirit of serving the private equity and venture capital industry in Southern Africa
  • The SAVCA Code of Conduct governs the activities of SAVCA members (click on hyperlink to access document)
  • The SAVCA Memorandum of Incorporation lists SAVCA’s mission and activities, and includes also the duties and responsibilities of SAVCA directors (click on hyperlink to access document)
  • SAVCA directors are required to attend the majority of SAVCA board meetings. Six board meetings and one board strategy session are held each year
  • SAVCA directors are required to serve on at least one board sub-committee – there are presently 11 sub-committees covering Audit, Asset-Class Promotion, BEE, Conference, Exploring Southern Africa, Annual Industry Survey, New-Member Screening, Regulation, Remuneration, Research Projects, Training
  • SAVCA directors make an active contribution to discussions and decisions of the board
  • SAVCA directors are required to attend a reasonable number of SAVCA events during the course of the year, in the spirit of representing and promoting SAVCA and the private equity and venture capital industry.

Completed nominations are to be received by Lauren du Toit before 4:00pm on 4 September 2015, via email to

The nomination form is included below; please ensure that the nominee has consented and that a 100-word (maximum) résumé of the nominee is provided in Word format. Nomination forms that are incomplete, or without the necessary details of the nominee, will not be accepted.

Click to view the full document and the nomination form: 20150826 Call for Nominations to the SAVCA Board August 2015