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Vacancy: SAVCA Regulatory and Public Affairs Officer

This is a new position within SAVCA, reporting to the organisation’s CEO. The incumbent will have overall responsibility for all of SAVCA’s regulatory and public affairs initiatives within the private equity and venture capital industry. The position will require regular interaction with a wide range of stakeholders including private equity firms, international industry bodies, government officials, legal practitioners, tax practitioners, as well as SAVCA’s board of directors and its regulatory sub-committee.

This is a half-day/half-time position, with the requirement for flexibility on the part of the candidate in order to accommodate a busy meeting schedule.

SAVCA Regulatory and Public Affairs Officer 2016

Submit your CV, together with at least three contactable work-related references, your salary expectations (on a cost-to-company basis) and a clear motivation as to why we should consider you for this position. The motivation should be in Word format and no longer than 450 words.

Please submit these documents to We will read through all applications. Should you not receive a response, please work on the assumption that your application has not been successful. Applications close on 17 August 2016.