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South African HR software startup Wamly targets international expansion after securing Knife Capital investment

24 January 2022 Wamly, the one-way video interview software startup has secured a 2nd round investment from South African venture capital firm, Knife Capital. The deal sees Davey Gant, Knife Capital partner based in UK, joining the Wamly Board of Directors.

Wamly is one-way video interview software that connects great companies to talented people and helps the world hire better people faster. It allows companies to recruit  vacant positions without the need for one-on-one interviews, allowing them to interview more people and better candidates, faster. The software allows them to filter through applications quicker, review in their own time, and shortlist the best applicants for future interviews.

Since inception, the tech startup has established themselves as the biggest one-way video interview software provider in Africa and is generating good recurring cash flow but with the addition of an experienced partner and increased expansion capital, growth can be accelerated faster.

The cash investment will be used to boost marketing initiatives, expand teams and enhance product development. The goal is to cement Wamly’s position as the leading software application for recruiters in the local market, as well as to start executing on international expansion plans throughout Africa and beyond.

Francois de Wet, founder of Wamly and an industrial psychologist, worked with many high profile corporates and CEOs. Over the years he noticed that they all had one thing in common, which was that they were highly frustrated with inefficiencies in the recruitment process. This realisation planted a seed for de Wet and in 2018 and he started a side hustle, tending to this problem.

When entrepreneur and Shark Tank South Africa investor, Marnus Broodryk, tried out de Wet’s video interview software in his own accounting firm, he experienced the time saving benefits. In this, he saw the potential to help thousands of companies around the world to experience the same ROI in their businesses.

Broodryk joined de Wet on the Wamly journey in 2020, challenging the very foundations of how the world has always done recruitment and utilising the latest technology to help the world hire better people faster.

“I  joined Wamly 18 months ago and I’m so proud of everything we have accomplished as a company. We have a team of 20+ talented local individuals, have built a world-class product and have  received support from some of the biggest names in corporate South Africa,” says Broodryk. “Knife Capital is our ideal partner for this next growth phase with their deep experience and dynamic approach in taking African companies to the global stage.”

“Sometimes venture capital investments just fall into place,” says Keet van Zyl, founding partner at Knife Capital. “I have an immense amount of respect for what Marnus has achieved in the South African entrepreneurial space, and when he told me about his new venture, the team behind it and the Wamly growth metrics, Knife Capital just had to take a closer look. We used Wamly for our own recruitment process during the due diligence exercise which underpinned the market opportunity. It has been a seamless journey so far and we are excited about executing on the disruptive growth strategy here!”

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